My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review

Good morning friends!! In today’s post I will share my honest Wealthy Affiliate review. I recently started a journey to find a different way to make money online other than my other sources of online income.

I have seen a lot about to affiliate marketing on my Facebook and also have joined several groups of people posting affiliate links. I sat down and did research on affiliate marketing.

I was looking for a company that would allow me to try to learn first before giving my money to yet another online business like I have done in the past.

I started my search simple. Best to affiliate marketing programs. Then changed it to best to affiliate marketing training programs. Let’s be honest….. I had no idea about to affiliate marketing or where to start. I was a newbie to this.

I came across a couple of businesses I had seen before requiring you to pay money to start a trial…which I didn’t want to do because I have done that in the past and failed…..never made a single dime or learned anything from the companies.

I was simply looking for the best online affiliate marketing programs that required no money to start. Crazy??? Some may think, considering I was messaged through my Facebook by a business man sending me videos to start a company to teach me how to be the best affiliate marketer fast. When I asked him the joining price, his response was “Well, I don’t want you to worry about the start up cost, but the value you would be getting with the training!” … Good answer dude but not what I was looking for and actually I had to worry about the price because my money isn’t growing off trees here. 🙂

The price to join was $1750.00!!!!!!!!!!! Okay thanks but no thanks, I will pass!

Back to my journey with my online search for “that company.”

I finally came across a website that I was reading a review for another online company. That is how I found Wealthy Affiliate.

I then started researching Wealthy Affiliate. After all of my searching I learned a few things about Wealthy Affiliate. Most people I read about making money with the company had been there for 2-5 years. To me that is a fantastic thing to find because most of the time you see a one year success with something, at least that is what I find with my research.

They didn’t offer fake promises of becoming rich overnight and putting anything on autopilot!! It is simply put you put in the work you will see the return!!

Also, another thing I LOVE is I found something that is FREE to start!! No credit card required. I was in shock but still a little skeptic of course. I kept doing research and finally could not find any reason to talk myself out of signing up.

I did it, I took the leap!! I joined with no credit card expecting to get in the website to find I only had a certain amount of time to join because this was a free trial for so many days…..GUESS WHAT??? That wasn’t the case!! In Wealthy Affiliate you can stay a free member FOREVER if you would like!!! How exciting right??

I haven’t even got to the most exciting part….. Wealthy Affiliate makes it so easy for you to learn once you are logged in… Remember my search from earlier?? Best to affiliate marketing training programs??

In this online business they allow you to learn step by step on what you need to do. So that made it so easy for me as a beginner to learn ALOT of new things. There are many courses they have for you to learn affiliate marketing step by step.

Wealthy Affiliate is also an online community where people can ask questions, post on your profile and send direct messages to each other!! The resources are there if you are willing to take the time to learn.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you the option to make money through them but they also teach you ways to make money online outside of them!!!

When you join Wealthy Affiliate you can stay a free member forever but there is also an option to go to a premium member and they will give you a discount to go to premium within 7 days but still it isn’t required for you to pay!!

I chose to become a premium member and I was stubborn about it because I wasn’t jumping into paying for something again to fail, so I waited 6 days before I became a premium member. I was on the website each day trying to find out if this was really worth money. I had learned so much already in 6 days I couldn’t resist!!!

I am full of so much more knowledge and taking the time to learn more and more each day from this site. Wealthy Affiliate is an honest company with many resources. I am so thankful I took the leap and joined premium. I can honestly say there is nothing negative I can say about Wealthy Affiliate.

I am getting more and more knowledgeable about different affiliate programs I can make money with each day through Wealthy Affiliate all while making new friends!!

I would love for you to take a chance and check out what I am talking about and see if this business could be for you!!!

If you are interested just click on this link here to join!! I will be there with you throughout the process to answer any questions you may have if you decide to join!!!

Please feel free to leave any comments below about your experience with Wealthy Affiliate!!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you have a very blessed day!!





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