What is making money with Ebay about? Is it possible?

moneyHey there!! I guess you are looking for answers about how to make money online and different ways to do that.

What is making money with Ebay about?

I have a ton of experience with selling items on eBay! I have been a member on eBay for several years and have sold a lot of my items on eBay. I have been able to make extra money with eBay!

I love to sell my things on eBay! It is pretty simple as long as you have an account. If you don’t have one you can create one for free. There are no fees to start up. Ebay is another way that I can generate income online. As long as you have items to sell, you can start selling on eBay today!

You can link your PayPal account to your eBay account to make payments from customers easy. There are fees with eBay when you sell items. When you list items you can list them for free or there are other options that you can choose for a fee to add to your listings. I choose to do all of mine free to avoid more fees so I can make more profit.

Now that we have cell phones and the eBay app I take all of my pictures from my phone and upload them directly to the app. A lot of times I will take the pictures and save them to my phone and then I will list my items while I am laying in bed before I go to sleep. Not too shabby huh?

I have been able to make a good amount of money with eBay. It really depends on the items you have for sale. Some weeks are better than others because my inventory may be running low.

After I ran out of things at my home to sell when I started many years ago, I started going to local yard sales and thrift shops each week to find new items to sell.

It is a possibility to make money with eBay and as long as you have items to sell you can do it for a long time!!

This is one other way I make my money online. This way is a little different because you are responsible for inventory and also getting the items shipped out but if you get the hang of it, it can be pretty fun! At least to me it is!!!

Do you sell on eBay? Leave any comments and questions you may have below!!!

Have a blessed day!!



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