Work From Home Moms – Is that really a thing?

If you are like me you have searched the internet high and low for legitimate work from home jobs.

It isn’t an easy search to find a legitimate company to work from momhome. There are work from home moms out there. I have seen proof!!!

It takes time and careful research to find ways to make money online that don’t require money to start.

Most companies that allow you to start at no charge only pay you pennies on the dollar. moneyThat can be very frustrating at first, but the more visitors you have to your sites or to your videos, those pennies add up!

Another great way that you can earn money online is by affiliate links

There are several websites you can sign up with and earn commissions from items you sell from that company.

Good thing if you are a mom that works from home- you have no inventory!!! The company does everything for you!!!

One of the companies with a great affiliate program is Amazon. The commission for the program isn’t that high but it is a start!!

A lot of work from home moms start a blog. blogIf you are interesting and can keep your audience entertained you will do well with a blog. You can add adsense to your blog and also affiliate links to your site to make money from the site.

I am not going to lie, I was completely clueless about affiliate marketing when I started.

I searched high and low, side to side a million times. I finally came across something that has helped me build my business tremendously.

This program showed me exactly how to set everything up and where to sign up for free programs that offer affiliate links for you to share.

It was basically like school for me.laptop

They have the courses outlined for you and videos to watch to teach you all you need to know to get up and running.

The Best part about it? You can start for FREE. Yep that is right. No credit card needed. As soon as you sign up you have access to courses that teach you where to begin.

This isn’t a free trial either.

This is a free account forever if you choose to stay.


There are options to upgrade to premium to gain access to other features of the site but it isn’t required that you upgrade.

This is an online community as well. There are friends you will online communitymake and people to answer your questions.

I seriously went from being clueless about this and started from scratched. It was like I started school again except I didn’t have to pay 1000s to learn.

If you are tired of working for someone else making all of their dreams come true instead of yours, try it out here!!

No obligation. Just that you are willing to learn something new. I will be there to help you along the way if you need me!!

Take a step today and make the term work from home mom apply to you!!

I am not promising that you will become rich overnight because that isn’t going to happen. It takes work just like anything else in life.

When you start building your site and getting a lot of traffic, that is when the money will start to come.

Why wait? Take a step to making your own hours today!! Join me here!! 

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2 Replies to “Work From Home Moms – Is that really a thing?”

  1. Hi there, thanks so much for your interesting post. I have been a keen blogger for many years, mainly around my love of horses. However when it came to actually making money from my passion, I was really stumbling around in the dark. Wealthy Affiliate is a well known and very credible platform, the best thing about it is their training program for aspiring affiliate marketers. Good on you for sharing this information with your readers, it’s certainly taken my passion from a dream to a reality. All the very best, Karen

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